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These are the BEST of the BEST on the Internet that we can find for both income, traffic and growth of YOUR business.


Feel free to join the programs below. Be sure to read the details carefully as some contain great bonuses for joining!

Name Highly Acclaimed Auto Responder
Description The Most Important Aspect of Your Marketing Efforts Is Deliverability Of Your Followup Emails And Tracking. This Is The Only Auto Responder With 100% Deliverability.
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Name 1TAE - Is My Top Performer Right Now.
Description Your ads will repeatedly reach 634,000+ members+ and MILLIONS of visitors. It's still running hard as if it's on FIRE. The advertising reach at 1TAE is not in existence ANYWHERE in our arena today.
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Name Blast your ads to 39 massive websites totalling 637,000+ members
Description It's an advertising source and business opportunity that'll have YOU saying "BOOMSHOCKALACKA" everyday! I'm serious! AND YES, even FREE members earn a FAIR commission with this!
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Name Udimi. Solo Ad Resource, Second To None.
Description The very best solo ad directory there is. These are the best solo ad sellers. These are real, non-incentive clicks. This is were heavy hitters go to get immediate subscribers and sales.
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Name Rebrandable Traffic. Outstanding Immediate Traffic Source.
Description I use this traffic source constantly. I simply buy the largest package which is the least expensive on a per hit basis. This company is the prime source for several of the rotator type traffic.
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Name Worldprofit, The Best Free Advertising Giveaway Anywhere.
Description What can I say I have been here first as a free member and now for many, many years as a platinum member. I use their advertising and tools every single day.
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Name Promotion Magnet.
Description If you're looking for a easy way to get your message across to 1,000's of members, then we have the perfect, low-cost solution for you.
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Name MLM Lead Specialist
Description MLM Leads that Work! Get 50% Extra Leads on your 1st Order. Use Code: 511
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Name ClixSense
Description The Only PTC Site That I Trust To Deliver Real Traffic And Pays
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Name Best List Mailer
Description Auto Send To Some Of The Best Lists On The Internet. Upgrading To Founder Is Highly Recommended.
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Name The Lead Magnet
Description Consistently One Of The Very Most Responsive Lists There Is.
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Name Super Charged Solo Ads
Description Accelerate Your Profits With 1,000 Guaranteed Clicks
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Name Solo Advertising Network
Description Delivering Your Solo To A Large And Responsive Network Of Sites And You Don't Even Need To Be A Member Of These Sites!
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Name Simple Text Ads. One Of The Very Best Networked Solo Sites
Description The BEST Networks Available Anywhere! NO Upgrade Required to Earn Commissions! Only The Best Site Ads!
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Name Top Level Networked Solo Ads
Description Have you checked out Superb Solo Networks yet? It's a cool new site where you can send your solo mailings to multiple solo networks. Send to one network or send to all of them it's your choice! Email up to 165,000 subscribers
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Name State of The Art Mailer
Description Did you know that you can mail up to 30,000 every 3 days at State-Of-The-Art-Mailer? Try that with a small site! Enough of the launch after launch with dwarf sites that limit your options. Get in this top ranked monster that has stood the test of time and continues to get larger and more active after every year.
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Best Autoresponder
The Only Email
Marketing System That Has
100% Deliverability

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Splash Builder
Without Question The Very Best And Easiest Splash Page Builder I Have Ever Used
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Master Your Mailers
Dominate Your Market
A Simple Mailer
And Message Scheduling Tool

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